Summer 2021

Jason Sedan offers private coaching options for players of all ages and skill levels. Using tour-proven technologies, such as K-VEST 3D motion capture and AimPoint Green Reading, Jason will help your reach your golfing potential. 

Aimpoint Green REading

Learn the #1 and fastest growing Green Reading System and you will accurately and quickly depict just how much break you will need to play on your very next putt. 



K-VEST & Zenolink

Utilizing the latest technology from K-Motion and Biomechanics expert, Chris Welch, we have not only the capabilities to measure what the eye simply cannot see, but also facilitate training programs to improve balance, timing, speed, and reliability.



Powered by Titleist Performance Institute

Our coaches are highly trained in blending How the Body Works into your Drive to Success. As Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructors, they will be able to assess what your body does or does not do currently and how that will impact your golf technique.

Recommendations will be made for what a program to overcome or work within the framework that is presented would look like based on client feedback and goals.

Virtual Coaching

Use the latest video analysis technology to diagnose your swing.


Not your traditional video analysis

Video has many great attributes; perhaps none more so than accessibility.  By starting a Video Analysis Session with Jason, you will have an open line of communication to solving not just a pet peeve of cosmetics but improving the foundation of on-course situations.

Together you will establish the most pertinent example worth capturing and breaking down the play by play.  You will receive specific instructions on how to implement a better road map and have unlimited replies at your disposal.  A 24-hour turn around on all video uploads is guaranteed!