Summer 2020

On Course Golf is making the safety of your youth golfers a top priority through this COVID-19 pandemic.  Private coaching will abide by social distancing guidelines for both coach and student.  We will be offering small group instruction for family members as permitted by local ordinance.

New Student Assessment

This comprehensive evaluation is the first step in your Drive to Success. All aspects of your game can be assessed in this 1 on 1 session. Together with your coach you will establish goals, benchmarks, and a practice plan to play better golf than you ever thought possible. It’s time to train smarter, not harder, and our coaches are ready to help you through the steps to mastery in all facets of the game!


9 + 5 + 5

When is the last time you saw a coach in another sport not show up for the game?  We can all benefit from coaching and practice time but in the 9+5+5 program you will also head on course for the quintessential “Scouting Report.”   Play 9 holes with your coach to nail down your improvement plan. Follow up with 5 Private Coaching Sessions to solidify the prescription and test your skills  5 Junior Players Club classes.


955 Program


Junior Players Club



Foe Developed Golfers ages 10-16

The Junior Players Club is designed for those seeking more competitive and intensive training. The membership consists of Group Coaching Sessions, followed by 9-holes for personalized on-course instruction.

Tuesdays & Thursdays June 23 – August 13